PetnessGo Large Space Folding Cat Litter Box

Model: PG-SS001
Material: PP+PS
Size: 51*41*38cm (Expanded)
Carton Size: 42*13*51.5cm ( folding state )

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    • OEM&ODM:  OEM & ODM service available
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    • Fast Shipping: for NON-OEM/ODM orders, normally we can quickly ship out within 3-7 days.

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    Model PG-SS001
    Material PP+PS
    Size 51*41*38cm (Expanded)
    Color grey,pink,blue

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    1. Shovel as soon as you draw, easy to clean
    2. To be comfortable and clean, separate design is also convenient to clean
    3. Bottom in and top out, one-way trajectory
    4. Large area falling sand pedal to prevent cat litter from being carried out
    5. Large space for cats from small to large
    6. Common for cats within 20 kg, suitable for kittens and fat cats
    7. Quality comes from details
    8. Increase the warehouse door, fat cats have no worries
    9. Hanging shovel design, easy to take
    10. Bottom reinforcement bar
    11. Hollow falling sand pedal
    12. Front entry and ejection, large space
    13. Heavy cat litter box
    14. Easy to clean up
    15. Drawer shovels
    16. Environmental protection material
    17. Avoid taking our cat litter
    18. Drawer structure, easy to shovel excrement/change sand
    19. The simple design can also escape from the plain recessed handles on plain days. With a gentle pull, it is easy to clean and replace the sand.
    20. 4MM filter sand grid, the cat litter can be smoothly returned to the cat's claws to be clean and not jammed, guarding the master’s pink tender meat pad
    21. Big space, no worries for fat cats, within 20kg, the cat department can move freely in it

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    Easy installation in 5 steps

    Snap-in splicing, snap-fit, foldable and portable
    1. Open the top cover and take out the main body inside
    2. Unfold the main body (note that the door hole and the base frame are on the same elevation)
    3. Insert the segmented buckle of the main body into the base card slot
    4. Install the transparent curtain from the inside, snap into the hole
    Wrong demonstration: Install a transparent curtain from the outside, the door stop will block the outside, and the cat will not be able to enter
    5. Align the top card slot with the main body buckle, press it to make the top part and the main body seam. Finished

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