Petnessgo Cat Litter Box

Model: PG-NY002

Material: PP+ABS

Color: White, Shell Powder, Matcha Green

Pet Type: Cats

Product Size: 43.3x51x38cm

Product Weight: 4.1kg

Carton Size: 52*55.5*49cm


G.W: 6.4KG

Product Detail

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1. Large space- large area hollowed out sand pedal, the large cat litter box has a lot of extra space.

2. Sand Failing Pedal-4mm filter grid, cat litter can fall back smoothly.

3. Drawer type litter box, easily shovel feces and sand change.

4. Semi-open Design-the single door can effectively lock the peculiar smell and make the air fresher, and the filter can filter various sizes of cat litter on the market.

5. Quiet toilet, easy to turn around.

6. Designed for cats who prefer privacy when using the litter box, it follows the cat’s preference for drilling holes and gives it a comfortable sense of security.

7. 19cm panoramic round window, cats of size 2XL can enter freely.

8. Concave handle, gently pull, easy to clean and change sand, the cat litter box with a storage tray at the bottom, cat litter pad, Thorough cleaning can be done with a cat litter scoop.

9. According to the cat’s living habits, the cat’s free living environment is simulated. Fully release the nature of cats. This is not only a trash can, but also a game for cats to experience hunting and hiding.

10. This cat litter pan is made of environmentally-friendly material, safe, non-toxic and tasteless, and can give your kittens the most reliable protection.

11. The completely enclosed litter box structure protects cat's privacy, At the same time, litter box enclosure made of top premium PP material ,no smell ,solid and long lasting.

12. The drawer-type sand storage box replaces the flap type which does not need to Lift the lid hard, but can easily shovel shit with a gentle pull; sand storage box and big shell adopt detachable design, which is convenient to move to toilet for cleaning or changing sand.

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