• a revolutionary solution for cat owners seeking convenience and cleanliness. This innovative product is designed to simplify your daily routine, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both you and your feline companion. With its advanced technology, the Automatic Cat Litter Box takes care of the d...
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  • Popular Durable Thick Hair RemovalPumpkin Shape Cat Brush Comb For Pet

    Popular Durable Thick Hair RemovalPumpkin Shape Cat Brush Comb For Pet

    ” Are you troubled by your adorable cat shedding fur at home? ” Now, we have launched a brand new cat brush to help you easily solve this problem! Unique Design: Our cat brush adopts a patented design, ensuring comfortable grip and easy operation. It works effectively for both long-ha...
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  • Nutrition program for pets!

    Hi everyone~ I’m Leo who loves traveling and pets!   The financial knowledge I’m sharing with you today is very important, but very, very necessary for dog parents to know! Only when we know what they really need, we can feed them better, so we recommend you to forward the conten...
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  • What to do if your cat smells bad

    Although having a cat is a very happy and healing thing, but the troubles brought about by having a cat are not a few, the smell of hair at home is heavy so that many pooper scoopers have headaches, if you like to go to the cat cafe to play, this smell is particularly strong how to solve it Caus...
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  • Dog (cat) hair loss how to do? (Causes of hair loss)

    When it comes to dog (cat) hair loss, there are several causes that pet owners should be aware of. Understanding these factors can help in addressing and managing the issue effectively. Seasonal hair change: Similar to how humans adjust their clothing according to the weather, cats and dogs under...
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  • A pet cat lover worried about hair is in good luck

    A pet cat lover worried about hair is in good luck

    Great news for hair-worried pet cat lovers, a new product has hit the market that promises to solve all your hair woes. Combining an effective grooming tool with powerful suction, this product is perfect for pet owners who want a clean and tidy home without compromising the health and safety of ...
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  • Is a pet feeder safe to use when you travel short distances?

    Is a pet feeder safe to use when you travel short distances?

      Traveling even short distances can raise concerns about the health of our furry friends. What if we leave for longer than expected? Do they have enough food and water to sustain us until our return? Fortunately, smart pet feeders offer solutions to these concerns. The smart pet feeder has ...
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  • Take you to know the Chinese Pastoral Dog

    Chinese Pastoral Dog, also known as “Tang Dog” and “Native Dog”, is a general term for local dog breeds in various places in China. Although the Chinese garden dog is not as expensive as a pet dog and has no blood certificate, it has many advantages and is no worse than a ...
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  • Teach your dog how to be alone and ease separation anxiety easily

    When left alone, many puppies become anxious and exhibit unwanted behaviors such as barking, chewing on furniture, or littering. Being a sociable animal, especially when very young and vulnerable, being isolated can be very disturbing. Puppies need to learn to deal with the insecurity that comes ...
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  • How to take care of the “menstrual period” of Bichon Frize?

    Raising a Bichon Frize is a very interesting thing. It can bring a lot of joy to our lives, but Bichon Frize has a menstrual period just like humans, so how should the Bichon Frize be cared for when it is in its menstrual period? We can learn together. ▶ When is the menstrual period of the Bichon...
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  • 5 Foods That Are Good for Dog Hair

    1. Animal liver Animal liver is rich in vitamin A, which is a good vitamin for the skin. It can keep the skin moist and promote healthy hair. If you want to feed it, it is recommended that the owner give the dog animal liver once or twice a week, chicken liver, pork liver, etc. can be given. 2. C...
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  • How to Bathe Your Dog at Home

    Brushing hair out before you take a shower makes it easier to wash. Use a comb as an aid and take your time, starting from the tail of the dog’s hair, combing the hair knots and then combing the roots! Hard knots can be painful and your dog may refuse to let you brush them in the future. &...
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