PetnessGo Pet Nail Grooming Tool

Model: PG-PW008

Material: Plastic

Charge: USB rechargeable

Color: White

Pet Type: Cats, Dogs

Charging Time: 4 Hour

Using time: 8 hours

OEM: Available

Voltage: 110-240V

Power Source: CHARGE

Product Detail

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1. USB rechargeable battery, the dog nail grinder is designed to charge via USB, which is easy to use and you don’t even waste money anymore. You can charge anytime, anywhere. After being fully charged, it can run continuously for about 8 hours.

2. Powerful motor

3. Stong endurance

4. Durable grinding wheel

5. Two level adjust speed

6. Diamond drum grinder, effective & effortless trimming

7. Durable, faster, more precise and comforable

8. Make nail grinding painless-if your pet is afraid of trimming nails, then we can cover it for you. Try this electric dog nail clippers right away to trim your nails neatly, easily and painlessly. No need to worry about excessive cuts, annoying pain or bleeding.

9. Low vibration and low noise-This pet nail grinder is equipped with ultra-quiet motor, but powerful. It will gently remove the thin layer of nails with low noise and low vibration, so sensitive pets will be satisfied with this nail grinder, making nail trimming easier.

10. Good performance for most pets-this pet nail polisher is suitable for cats, small and medium-sized dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and birds. You can choose the right port for your pet’s nails. The 3 different ports are available.

How to use?

1. The 3 different ports can be adapted to different size pets

Port 1: For small size pets

Port 2: For medium size pets

Port 3: For large pets

2. The 2 different speed switch & thin waist design

F: High Speed (12000/RPM)

L: Low Speed ( 6000/RPM)

Packaging Info:

Product Size: 24.2*28.4*7.3 cm

Carton Size: 53*43*32 cm


G.W: 9 KG

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