Which brand is a good water blower? How to buy a water blower

Every time a dog takes a bath, the most annoying thing is to blow the hair off the dog. Many owners use their own hair dryer. However, once they encounter a large dog with thick hair, it is very laborious to use it. At this time, they need to use a very efficient water blower. Which brand is the best to buy? How to choose to buy a suitable water blower? Today we will introduce it to you.
Power (i.e. energy consumption): represents the power consumption of the water blower per unit time. The power can not fully explain the working efficiency of the water blower, but can only objectively reflect the working energy consumption of the water blower in unit time, that is, the power consumption
Blowing force: the most important index to measure the working efficiency of the water blower. Under standard conditions, the wind value at the outlet of the water blower is measured by professional instruments. Generally, the basic blow force required to dry pet hair is more than 450g. If the blow force reaches more than 550-600g, it will be very easy to dry pet fur. Now the world’s top water blowers can blow more than 950g.

Wind speed: the higher the wind speed, the better. After the blowing force reaches a certain degree, the higher the wind speed, the more meaningful it is. If the wind speed is high, it is meaningless to have no blowing force.
The wind of the water blower is very strong, but it is just a cool wind. The constant temperature is close to the skin and will not burn the dog, but the sound will be very loud. The dog may be afraid at the beginning of contact. But don’t worry. If you use it more than once, dogs will get used to it. In addition, for small dogs, it is possible not to use a water blower.
There are many brands of water blowers. The specific brand of water blowers depends on the conditions of their dogs. Chunzhou’s family can use this one, or Yunhe pet hair dryer and blue dolphin pet water blowers are good. The frequency conversion is more than twice as expensive. Most of them are used by beauty shops because they have to deal with dogs of different sizes, and even what kind they have, The seller can better help you recommend the most suitable water blower for you.


Post time: Jun-25-2022