Although having a cat is a very happy and healing thing, but the troubles brought about by having a cat are not a few, the smell of hair at home is heavy so that many pooper scoopers have headaches, if you like to go to the cat cafe to play, this smell is particularly strong how to solve it



After the family has a cat, the cat smell, generally due to the cat’s own reasons, there are environmental reasons.

1, bad breath, it is normal for a cat to have a fishy smell in its mouth, but if the cat’s mouth smells too bad, then it is likely to have periodontal disease, or it may be caused by oral foreign bodies or ghostwriting diseases.

2, paws stink, if not repaired in time, the cat’s toes will easily stick to the cat litter, step on urine, which may cause odor. If the odor is bad, you need to pay attention to whether there is trauma.

3, choose the right cat litter

Cat litter is used by cats to cover feces and urine, and choosing the right litter can directly kill the smell in the cradle. A good cat litter is more absorbent and odor-absorbent and can cover up the odor to a large extent, and it is not easy to get damp into agglomerated powder.

4. Deodorizer

The cat’s poop emits bad odor, just rely on the cat litter is not enough, but also need to use some deodorant supplies to complement, such as odor roll, air freshener and so on, you can also choose to pour into the cat litter mixed with the smell of deodorant beads.

Regular indoor ventilation

Long-term in a confined space, the smell will also be evaporated, evolving into a more difficult to ask the smell, so the shovel officials must regularly open the windows to ventilate the air out of the room, the introduction of fresh air, so that the air quality in the house will improve.

 Placement of cat litter

1, bathroom: If you think the litter box has an odor or if you consider it convenient to clean it, you can put it in the bathroom, but keep the ground dry and ventilated, and do not be in a closed state with doors and windows for a long time.

2, balcony: In fact, the litter box is placed on the balcony is a very suitable place, as long as the cat can skillfully find the litter box, then the balcony environment is relatively clean, the most suitable for cats to excrete.

3, living room: If the home area is not large, put the living room is also possible.

4、If there is a shady and ventilated place in the house, and it cannot be rained on, you can put the litter box here.


Post time: Jul-01-2023