What are the differences between cat food and dog food

Don’t feed cat food and dog food to the wrong people. Their nutritional composition is different. If you feed them wrong, the nutrition of cats and dogs will be unbalanced! Some friends have dogs and cats in their homes at the same time. When feeding, dogs rob cat food and cats steal dog food from time to time. For convenience, some people even feed two kinds of animals with one kind of feed for a long time. In fact, this is a wrong practice.
The difference between cat food and dog food

Because the nutritional needs of dogs and cats are different from each other in terms of physiological conditions. The biggest difference is that cats need twice as much protein as dogs. If a cat eats dog feed for a long time, it will cause insufficient nutrition, resulting in slow growth of the cat, weight loss, mental deterioration, rough fur and loss of luster, loss of appetite, fatty liver and other phenomena. Serious cases may even lead to anemia and ascites, seriously endangering the health of cats. In addition, cat feed contains many other nutrients besides higher protein content than dog feed, such as arginine, taurine and arachidonic acid Niacin, vitmin B6, magnesium, etc. cats need these nutrients several times more than dogs. Therefore, the feed nutrition of general dogs is far from meeting the growth and daily life needs of cats. According to the reason, in terms of the cat’s character, the cat is absolutely sniffy at the dog’s feed, but for a cat who has been hungry and undernourished for a long time, it must be hungry. The owner must not think that a cat’s willingness to eat dog feed is just like eating dog feed!
Conversely, can dogs eat cat feed? In the same way, if a cat eats dog feed, it will cause insufficient nutrition, and if the cat eats dog feed for a long time, it will make your dog become a big fat dog soon. Compared with cats, because dogs are omnivorous and the cat feed is delicious, dogs will like the cat feed very much and indulge in excessive eating. Excessive nutrition accumulation will lead to rapid obesity in dogs. Obesity will increase the burden on the heart of dogs, affect the metabolism of dogs, and also damage the health of dogs. So, in any case, cats and dogs should eat their own food separately.

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Post time: Jun-10-2022