Tips for checking pets



Precautions for pet dog consignment include:

1. Prepare corresponding cages and check-in boxes according to the size of the pet’s body. The cages or boxes should be enough for the pet to stand up and move down. Lying inactive for too long will block the blood circulation and be prone to sudden death. What’s more, the cages should be ventilated.


2. Do not feed pet food 4 hours before consignment, and water can be fed during the period


3. Choose a stable and safe place for pets during shipment. If pets are carsick, they can be fed with carsickness drugs. Some pets are stressed and anti stress drugs are not recommended. They can choose a safe air box for shipment


4. Do not feed the pet after it arrives at the ground. Let the dog adapt to it for more than 4 hours before feeding. You can feed a small amount of water or sugar water.

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Post time: Apr-23-2022