Chinese Pastoral Dog, also known as “Tang Dog” and “Native Dog”, is a general term for local dog breeds in various places in China.
Although the Chinese garden dog is not as expensive as a pet dog and has no blood certificate, it has many advantages and is no worse than a pet dog.
At the same time, the Chinese Pastoral Dog is also recognized as one of the best dogs to keep. The following points are the advantages of pastoral dogs, and you have to accept them after reading them.



Advantage 1, do not demolish the house
People who raise dogs will encounter the problem of dogs tearing down their homes. Dogs will bite and gnaw at home and destroy furniture and items at home.
However, if you have a pastoral dog, then you will have a lot of peace of mind, because the pastoral dog will hardly tear down the house.
Rural dogs in the country are basically very sensible, and they will not demolish the house at home, causing economic losses to the owner.

Advantage 2, Do not go to the toilet anywhere
Dogs go to the toilet  anywhere at home, which is a headache for many dog ​​owners, and they need to be trained to go to the toilet  at fixed points.
If you have a pastoral dog, you may not have to worry so much, because the pastoral dog is naturally clean and knows to go to the toilet  outside.
Whenever the pastoral dog wants to go to the toilet, it will take the initiative to go out, and it will start to defecate after leaving the house.

Advantage 3, strong physique
Pastoral dogs are basically free-range in the countryside, exercise regularly, and have the genes of hunting dogs, so their physical fitness is very good.
Unlike many breeds of pet dogs, which are formed through continuous inbreeding, although the appearance characteristics of the dog breed are stable and inherited, they are weak and sick.
Shit shovelers who raise pastoral dogs basically don’t have to worry about dogs having genetic diseases, which are prone to colds, fevers, and gastroenteritis.


Advantage 4, very smart
Pastoral dogs also have a high IQ and are very humane. They can hear the owner’s language, and are naturally obedient and focused.
If you train a garden dog as a pet dog from an early age, teach it to behave, and train it to master skills, you will find that the garden dog is really smart.
The difficulty of training pastoral dogs is much easier than training dogs such as French bulldogs, huskies, and Alaskan dogs. Training with snack rewards is even better!


Advantage 5, good stomach
The Chinese Garden Dog is the dog with the best stomach. Due to the shortage of food, in order to survive, the Garden Dog has developed an “iron stomach”.
People feed the pastoral dogs with bones, and the pastoral dogs also passively raise their stomach function well. When eating bones, they perform better than pet dogs, and are less prone to indigestion and constipation.
But now that the living conditions have improved, it is not recommended to feed too many bones to the pastoral dog, which is not nutritious and will also cause excessive and poor defecation.

Advantage 6, not picky eaters
The pastoral dog is also one of the dogs with a good appetite and is not picky eaters. It is very worry-free to raise it. Basically, it eats whatever the owner gives, and there is no need to worry about it being picky eaters or malnourished.
If you feed porridge and steamed buns to your pet dog, the pet dog will dismiss it nine out of ten, but the garden dog will eat it with relish.
There aren’t many dogs like this. However, if you want the pastoral dog to be healthier and stronger, and live longer, you must not be sloppy in eating, and you must choose nutritious food for feeding.

Post time: Jan-04-2023