Raising a Bichon Frize is a very interesting thing. It can bring a lot of joy to our lives, but Bichon Frize has a menstrual period just like humans, so how should the Bichon Frize be cared for when it is in its menstrual period? We can learn together.

▶ When is the menstrual period of the Bichon Frize?

The first menstrual period of a Bichon Frize is at 8-11 months. A Bichon Frize is considered an adult when it is one year old. After adulthood, it will come once every six months, about two or three times a year. The Bichon Frize has a longer menstrual period. It will last about a month at a time.
Bichon Frize may have a lot of abnormal emotions during the menstrual period. Pet owners must help the Bichon Frize to take care of hygiene and emotional comfort, so as to avoid disturbing the neighbors when the Bichon Frize is making noise and barking.

▶ How to find out the menstrual period of Bichon Frize

During the menstrual period of Bichon Frize, its private parts will secrete some red liquid in the first 20 days, the amount is not much, usually in drops, and light brown liquid will be secreted in the next 10 days.

▶ How to take care of a Bichon Frize in its menstrual period
1. Care is like a bichon frize
① During the menstrual period, the bichon frize will lick the secretions from the private parts by itself, so pet owners must take good care of them, because the saliva of the bichon frize contains bacteria. If the pet owner does not take good care of it, let it Licking like this for a long time can easily cause private parts of the dog to be infected.
② The “physiological period” of the Bichon Frize is also called the “estrus period”. Therefore, during the physiological period of the Bichon Frize, the pet owner should try to avoid letting it go out and avoid it from approaching other dogs of the opposite sex.

2. Do a good job of cleaning the Bichon Frize
When the bichon frize is in its menstrual period, pet owners must do a good job of sanitation and cleaning for it. It is not necessary to bathe it every day, but it needs to be cleaned locally every day. It is necessary to wipe and clean the private parts of the bichon frize with cotton cloth, clean After cleaning, dry the hair, and then put on the special physiological pants for pets on the bichon frize. The physiological pants should be changed sooner or later to avoid infection of the reproductive organs.

3. Take warm measures for Bichon Frize
During the menstrual period, the body temperature of the Bichon Frize will drop, and the resistance will also drop. At this time, pet owners must pay attention to keeping warm for the Bichon Frize:
① Add more blankets in the kennel to prevent it from catching cold while sleeping
② You can’t bathe it frequently. If you have to wash it, you should blow dry the hair immediately after washing.
③ In addition, do not stay in a humid or cold place for a long time.

4. Supplement the physical function of the Bichon Frize
During the menstrual period, the bichon frize will be weaker, lose their appetite, and their immunity will also decline, and their physical functions will not be able to keep up. Therefore, pet owners can prepare some pet goat milk powder for the bichon frize.
5. Let the Bichon Frize have balanced nutrition
Just like humans, Bichon Frize has no appetite due to fatigue during the menstrual period. Therefore, during the menstrual period, the pet owner should not only increase the appetite of the Bichon Frize, but also need to achieve balanced nutrition, so it is very important to choose dog food. of.


Conclusion: Bichon Frize has a physiological period, what else do you not understand?


Post time: Dec-19-2022