Do cats sleep at night? How many hours a day do cats sleep?

We all know that cats are relatively lazy animals. They are not as lively and active as pet dogs. They like to lie quietly in a comfortable place, squinting and dozing off. cats are nocturnal animals

Does the cat sleep at night?

Some cats like activities very much, and cats are nocturnal animals, and they are very spirited at night, so it is possible that after we fall asleep, they are like parkour and keep moving around the house. In this case, then it may make the owner unable to sleep. There are some very lively cats who like to jump up and down in the house, playing around here and there, so there may be unintentional movements. Very big.

Cats have different work and rest schedules from us humans. We should not force them to sleep at night, because their sleep and work schedule is to sleep when they are sleepy, and they will not sleep at night and wake up during the day. Most cats are nocturnal, walking around the house, playing, etc. at night.

Don’t be a kitten. When they are three or four months old, they are full of energy and wake up for a while at night. Parkour all over the room, jumping from the sofa to the table, from the balcony to the living room to the bedroom.

But the cat’s biological clock can help regulate it. If the cat slaves sleep at night, they will also sleep.

How many hours do cats sleep a day

Pet cats sleep about twice as long as humans. However, studies have shown that although cats seem to sleep for a long time every day, three-quarters of their sleep is fake sleep, which is what we call naps. Therefore, it seems that the cat sleeps 16 hours a day, but in fact the time of deep sleep is only 4 hours.

Pet cats like to sleep, which is closely related to their personality, lifestyle and attitude towards life. Since cats are originally carnivorous animals, in order to be keen and more energetic to observe, cats will sleep for half a day, but cats are also very keen when they sleep, any external noise or movement, it can Wake up quickly.

Pet cats also assume a variety of postures when they sleep, lying down, lying on their stomachs, lying on their sides, sleeping on their backs, huddled in a ball, and so on. Cats will choose to sleep in a very comfortable place, and in the summer they will choose a ventilated, cool place. In winter, choose a place that is warm or near the fire. At the same time, in winter, cats also like to sleep under the sun, and move their sleeping places as the sun moves.

The above is the detailed information about do cats sleep at night and how many hours a day cats sleep, I hope it can help you.


Post time: Jun-17-2022