How to choose cat food
Most cat slaves are usually too busy, so they can only choose cat food as their staple food for their adult cats. But what kind of cat food to choose and how to choose cat food make all cat slaves very headache.

Nutritional principles
The formula of cat food will be listed according to the weight proportion of materials, and the first is the material with the highest proportion. Meow star people are relatively strict carnivores. Their main energy sources are animal protein and animal fat. If they provide enough, theoretically, cats can survive healthily without carbohydrates at all. Therefore, the selection of cat food follows the principle of meat > meat powder (minced meat) > eggs > fruits and vegetables > grains. When buying cat food, you should also pay attention to other nutrients. After all, not every ingredient is needed by cats.

① Protein generally accounts for 30% – 50% of dry food, which is used for muscle growth and energy supply. The proportion of protein required for adult cat food shall not be less than 21%, and the dry content of young cat food shall not be less than 33%. The higher the proportion, the more suitable for young and active cats. As a carnivore, cats are suitable for animal protein, which will not be marked separately in the nutrition table, but one or two can be found in the ingredients table

② Fat generally accounts for 10% – 20%, which is used for energy storage and supply. Although cats can eat foods with high fat content, too high content can easily lead to Trichoderma (black chin is a kind of folliculitis). Fat cats can also choose cat food with low fat content.

③ Carbohydrate, the mainstream view is that cats have a very low digestibility of carbohydrates, so the lower the content, the better

④ The content of crude fiber is generally 1% – 5%, which is mainly used to promote digestion. For cats, it also has the function of inducing vomiting hair ball.

⑤ Taurine content shall be at least 0.1%. Taurine is a very important substance for cats and must be contained in all cat food. Taurine can maintain and promote the growth of cat retina. Lack of taurine can lead to night blindness. 

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Post time: Apr-27-2022